I tend to be rather introspective (INFP)

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Kenmore, Washington | Man Seeking A Woman

Basic Information

First name
I Can Speak
I Would Describe Myself As
I've rarely met someone who I have genuinely had romantic feelings for. Life overall has been very confusing, disheartening quite often, esp. with regard to dating, etc.

Despite this, I remain very much still 100% myself. I have always found my true, real nature and much of my inner joy, peace, etc., when I am composing music, being involved in creative writing, listening to certain kinds of music, being in certain areas/landscapes, etc. (On certain occasions, fantasy video games, movies, books, etc. can fill that void, but only to a certain extent. I know what it "is" that I tend to find most beautiful, intriguing, etc. in life, but at a certain point, it tends to defy description...)

There are comparatively few people that I feel most at peace around. (I am close to my family.) It was never pleasant to be around people that were less refined, more vulgar, louder, sillier, etc., in the past or at present. These are people I tend to avoid, with extremely few exceptions (among lds buddies, for instance), dep. upon the nature of their character, etc. I definitely, innately prefer quieter, kinder, more empathetic, etc. sorts of women, friends like this that are both men and women as well, etc.

College was a mixed bag... All the work experience I have ever had has been infinitely more meaningful and enjoyable regarding teaching private music lessons👍, compared to retail, warehouse, etc. jobs...
👎 Being a music major (going from music ed to more of a tonal music composition emphasis), having most any kind of job-musical or otherwise in the "real world" is, of course, often very discouraging, difficult, confusing, frustrating, etc. Academia has often been VERY impersonal and "frosty". As mentioned, I am a composer, (French) hornist, pianist, private music instructor, music transcriptionist, and have many other hobbies-fantasy literature/media, some/certain scary/supernatural type movies, etc. (not violent stuff, more the suspenseful stuff), some interest in philosophy perhaps, also cooking, botany, science in general, art, architecture, definitely the humanities in general but more esp. European (and Asian and American Indian, etc.) studies-both cultural geography and history, brainstorming, ideas for fantasy video games, nutrition, astronomy, so many other things of course that I can't think of at the moment.

There are certain more specific subjects that have held my interest for a very, VERY long time. Of course, I'm not entirely sure why. Some of these are very vivid dreams I have had, also peculiar/VERY memorable/more curiosity provoking landscapes/rooms, such as in Alice in Wonderland, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, The Black Cauldron, Loom (video game), Baldur's Gate (video game), The Wheel of Time + The Wheel of Time video game, The Legend of Kyrandia video game, American McGee's Alice, The Belgariad, Ender's Game, MirrorMask, The Hobbit/LOR, The Chronicles of Narnia, Discworld, and some Harry Potter, sure-more the secret tunnels, forest, etc., but also the English architecture/castles/old colleges (Eton), etc. Also haunted paintings like "The Hands That Resist Him". I have sought throughout my entire life to find music that reflects all the things I love about these kinds of media, and so I have hundreds and hundreds of composers (and songwriters) that I routinely listen to, thousands of pieces of music, songs, etc. that have much more personal meaning to me. I am still discovering music and other media that has more meaning to me as well. I am utterly fascinated by musical harmony, color, melody, timbres, and blends of the arts/music/theatre, etc. Some of my favorite composers and songwriters are John T. Williams, Sir Edward Elgar, Ralph Vaughan-Williams, Ravel, Debussy, J. Rutter, Morten Lauridsen, Syd Dale, H. Kiessling, Bacharach, Joe Raposo, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov, Stelvio Cipriani, John Barry, Michael McLean, Roger Hoffmann, and others.

I am looking for someone more like me...

Appearance & Situation

My Body Type Is
My Height Is
5' 8 (1.73 m)
My Ethnicity Is
My Marital Situation Is
Never Married
I Have Kids
I Want Kids
My Best Feature Is
Body Art
Wouldn't Even Think About It
My Hair Is
Dark Blonde
I Have One Or More Of These
No pets
Willing To Relocate


My Education Level Is
College Degree
My Current Employment Status Is
My Speciality Is
Art / Music / Literature
My Job Title Is
Private Music Instructor
I Make This Much In A Year
$30,000USD To $44,999USD
I Live
At Home
All Is Calm
I'm A Smoker
I Drink


Back In High School, I Was A
Quiet One
My Social Behavior Is
Reserved, Shy
My Interest And Hobbies Are
Dining, Reading, Arts & Crafts, Music, Movies, Internet, Games, Cooking, Gardening, Camping, Computers
My Idea Of A Great Time Is
Hanging Out With Friends, Staying At Home, Trying New Things, The Movies, Relaxing, Sleeping, Reading A Book, Playing Video Games, Going To A Concert, Going To A Museum
An Ideal First Date Would Be
Anything that allows nice, peaceful, quiet conversation.
I've Always Wanted To Try
Making my own movie (among many other things...)
My Friends Describe Me As Being


My Religion Is
I Attend Services
Once A Week
My Political Views Are
My Goal In Life Is
Many of them...
My Kind Of Humor Is
Friendly, Goofy


On Tv, I Always Watch
When I Go To The Movies, I Always Go To See A
Science Fiction
When Listening To Music, I Always Listen To
When I Read, I Always Read
Biography, Fantasy, History, Home & Garden, Music, Mystery, Philosophy, Science, Supernatural
My Idea Of Fun Is
Doing something truly creative and meaningful...

Looking for

What Do You Find Attractive?
Oddities, Sensitivity, Empathy, Great Skills, Good Looks, Thoughtfullness, Intelligence, Passiveness
What Do You Look For?
Kindness, Empathy, Sincerity, Genuineness, Inner Beauty, Refinement, Culture, Imagination, Thoughtfulness, Emotion/Romantic Nature, Sensitivity, INFP's
What Kind Of Relationship Are You Seeking?
Friend, Date, Committed